Save money with free school meals

Free school dinners for Year 1 and 2
Many families could benefit from free school dinners

Somerset parents can save a packet if they sign up their children to take up the free school meal offer in September.

Children in Years 1 & 2 will be eligible for a free school meal from September 2014 as part of a Government initiative.

From the beginning of next week, those parents with children at infant school will receive a leaflet and registration form from the school.

Cabinet Member for Children and Families Cllr Frances Nicholson, said: “Free school meals should help a family save up to £437 per year per child and they will provide quality, healthy food for children every day. They will help children develop good eating habits, are fun and will help to combat the rising problem of childhood obesity.

“The Government gave each school responsibility for delivering this but we recognised the size of the challenge and offered to provide a county-wide solution because this is so important.”

Parents will need to confirm they will be taking up the free school meal offer by returning their registration form by the end of this term.

Julia Ridge, helping co-ordinate Somerset County Council’s free school meals, said: “It’s been challenging – only 30 per cent of our schools have kitchens. But we have a clear strategy in place that makes the best use of grants from the Government supplemented by county council funds and contributions from schools.”

Parents with any queries should speak to their child’s school or call the Helpline on 0845 345 9122

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