Things you take for granted when you don’t have kids

Hot cup of tea? No chance!

I’ve just had a run of six full-on days with Ethan and Eva, no childcare, grandparents stepping in, or time out from either of them. Ethan has been sick during this time, at times become the demon child and Eva has been keeping me up at night. I’m broken, I’m shattered, I’m ready for a […]

Best presents for tiny people

Ethan was more interested in the wrapping paper over the present inside!

As Christmas threatens to be here before I’ve had a chance to properly prepare, we’ve been wracking our brains in the Briggs household as to the best present to buy for a baby who doesn’t understand the concept of Christmas, or even the point of presents. The fact is that we’re not buying so much […]

Children’s flights – where’s the deal?

With children taking a holiday can become a huge expense before you

As you well know, I love to get a deal. A bargain makes me very happy, but when it comes to travel and children, well it’s tricky to find where the deal lies. Last week I balanced Eva on a stool, ducked down out of the way from the camera while ensuring she didn’t topple […]

No more smug mummy

More crying and less sleep means no more smug mummy!

My children enjoy challenging me. When Eva was born she never cried, slept pretty much through the night, and everything was just peachy. She took a bottle at two-and-a-half months, allowing me a night off, and I was happy to gloat to other mums who looked at me with daggers while telling me how their […]

Finding a balance between blogging and parenting

Blogging vs parenting  - there

When I first started this blog I posted pretty much every day. My aim was I suppose to get as many readers as possible in the shortest time possible. What I’ve learnt through the process of blogging is that these things take time, an awful lot of effort, and a little bit of luck. Writing […]

Two very different lives – before and after children

The freedom you felt without children is replaced by something very different, but by something far more special.

There’s a small window of opportunity these days for me to actually leave the house and not be in demand by my two children. This window is from approximately 7.30pm-3am. The problem is that by the time 7.30pm has arrived all I want to do is curl up in a ball and go to sleep […]

Blink and you miss it

Today. Sitting up, and wide eyed!

Please indulge me in cooing unashamedly over my daughter. All of a sudden, Eva is three months. I don’t remember this happening. One second she was this tiny little helpless being - warm and slippery and freshly baked, and now she’s a robust little thing, sitting up, reaching out for things and marvelling at the wonder of her […]

Best products to help out busy new mums

New mums have got their hands full - but it

As a new mum your life is put on hold while you run around after a new baby, or two, or three. And probably your other half as well. It’s all-encompassing, it’s physically draining, it’s exhausting. Eating becomes less of a necessity as you often feel that there are more important things to be doing […]

Baby bonding – a day with just us

All about Eva

Today has been dedicated to Eva. Mondays and Tuesdays she endures being put down and ignored while I pander to Ethan’s whims, she gets handed around, driven around, taken to Ethan’s groups, and she plays second fiddle to a demanding toddler. Then there are the days when Ethan is at nursery and I’m trying to […]

Here we go a-blackberrying!

Blackberrying was fun - and making the blackberry muffins was just as good!

On a list of top things to do with kids, blackberrying has to be up there with the best. This summer has supposedly been one of the best for foraging for berries and wild fruits, so we’ve been busy picking, and eating one of the most popular. Two crumbles down and with a bowl of […]