Preparing for school – the parents’ guide

Choosing a school for your child can be pretty daunting, it

Next September Ethan will start school, and although he still looks and acts like my “baby”, we have to take charge and start thinking about where we’d like him to go. The problem Guy and I face is that we have absolutely no idea what questions we should be asking, being the clueless uninitiated parents […]

“When I grow up I want to be pretty” – avoiding gender stereotypes

Let boys play in high heels and girls play with trucks - it

For the past eight weeks we’ve been seeing pink  – since the arrival of baby Eva we’ve had dresses and bunnies, blankets and bibs all in different hues of the colour. Rose, baby pink, shocking pink, magenta, cerise and fuchsia. ‘She’s beautiful’, ‘she’s gorgeous’, ‘she’s pretty’, people have remarked. And now Ethan has decided that […]

Post-holiday blues

Perhaps I expected too much, but a reluctant toddler has led me to post-holiday blues

There are things that you should know about going on “holiday” with children. I’m afraid I was not 100% prepared for what happened with our son last week, and I was perhaps a little nonchalant about thinking we’d be having a restful and enjoyable time all together. Firstly. A “holiday” is a complete misnomer. What it was really: a […]

Top Euro Mummy Bloggers

Europe - it

I’ve been blogging for just over four months on the trials, tribulations, money saving tips and joys of parenting, and I’ve just discovered that I’ve been nominated for Voiceboks’ Top Ten Euro Mom Bloggers. This is exciting for me because when I think of Europe, I think of a pretty darn big place, with plenty of […]

Stepping out of the routine for a moment


I like to think of myself as pretty spontaneous. In my younger days I’d take off at a moment’s notice on some road trip, or stay out until all hours, meeting new people, seeing new places. With children, being spontaneous is difficult. Currently on a week’s holiday on the Cornish coast, I’m realising, once again, […]

A coastal holiday with kids – 10 things you should take

A wetsuit. Check. Ball. Check. Bucket and spade. Check. Roll on an awesome coastal holiday!

As you read this I will be sunning myself (or getting wind-burn) along the coast of Cornwall. Polperro has long been a family retreat for us as I spent many a joyful childhood holiday in this picture-postcard harbour village and the lack of cars and limited access to technology certainly refreshes the mind! This is […]

Innocent killers – why children and guns do not mix

No child should have to handle a gun - let alone be given "lessons" with a submachine gun.

When I was a child my dad made me a two-dimensional wooden gun from a piece of old plywood he was cutting up. He created it lovingly with his jigsaw, and it was and still is one of my most memorable toys. I didn’t have a particular fascination with guns, it’s just I thought it […]

“Sorry I broke your child” – some information on Pulled Elbow

A guilty friend apologises for breaking our child!

Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Christenings, wakes, you name it there’s probably been a disco with a lot of dad dancing, and children squealing in delight at being swung around by a slightly inebriated adult. But let me warn you – discos and children can equal danger! At least, that was our experience on Saturday night, when […]

Should toddlers be subjected to the ice bucket challenge?

I doubt these children will ever have enough water to take on the "ice bucket challenge"

Ok, my views on the ice bucket challenge are complex. Firstly, I saw it as people having a bit of fun raising awareness for a ALS – Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – also know as motor neurone disease. The idea, supposedly is to take the challenge of throwing a bucket of ice water over your head, or […]

Why being a mum rocks!

They love me, unconditionally - and other reasons why being a mum is the best!

People generally don’t congratulate you for being a mum – aside from the first few weeks when visitors stream through the door coo-ing and oo-ing over a newborn and saying things like “well done you”, and “aren’t you clever” (!) there aren’t many moments when you’re told that you are doing a good job. It […]